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KYield named as key player in research report 
by VMR


KYield is named as a key player along with Apple, Diabnext, Glooko, Google, IBM, Tidepool, Vodafone, Medtronic, Sensyne Health plc, and DreaMed. The five page briefing on KYield includes an overview, key developments, winning imperatives, product benchmark (KOS, KYield Healthcare Platform, HumCat, and SGM), current focus and strategy, threats from competition, and mini SWOT analysis.

From the book Billion Unlimited Minds, India@100 

by Colonel Prashant Jha 

(Page 238 and 239) 

"Mark Montgomery, a pioneer in Enterprise Artificial Intelligence (EAI) and founder of KYield, Inc. in the U.S. started work on his theory yield management of knowledge in 1996....His KOS system is the mother of all inventions in the present data-driven, dynamic and dense information environment. All organizations and governments will sooner or later have to be AI-driven and in that scenario, EAI based on the yield management of knowledge principles would be a one-stop solution for everyone. The product offers in-depth research and immense scalability that one cannot stop mentioning about in detail."


Top Ten Obstacles to Success in Enterprise AI    

The purpose of this article is to provide clarity on obstacles to ROI in enterprise AI (EAI) based on a quarter of a century in R&D and engagement with hundreds of leading organizations over the past decade (COGNITIVE WORLD) .....→


KYield is a pioneer in data physics and artificial intelligence. 

We offer two distinct AI systems that can be installed and run independently or together.



Metamorphic Transformation with Enterprisewide Artificial Intelligence 

KYield Genesis 

A presentation by KYield's founder & CEO Mark Montgomery at the ExperienceITNM technology conference on September 13th, 2019. The title of the talk is 'Metamorphic Transformation with Enterprise-wide Artificial Intelligence'. Mark also unveiled his new patent-pending invention titled 'Synthetic Genius Machine and Knowledge Creation System'. The length of the video is 47 minutes including Q&A.


Synthetic Genius Machine and Knowledge Creation System

Accelerating superintelligence

This video starts with the unveiling of KYield's new patent-pending invention titled 'Synthetic Genius Machine and Knowledge Creation System'. The length of the discussion on the genius machine is 3-4 minutes (press release).

Top Ten Obstacles to Success in Enterprise AI    

Despite the results in a small group of startups and superstars that are achieving an attractive return on investment (ROI) from AI, delivering double-digit productivity growth, and rapidly increasing market power, the super majority of companies are still reporting low levels of ROI. The purpose of this article is to provide clarity on obstacles to ROI in enterprise AI (EAI) based on a quarter of a century in R&D and engagement with hundreds of leading organizations over the past decade.....→


The Key to Business Survival in the Era of AI    

Among the most perplexing challenges facing CEOs in recent years is how best to compete in a data-driven economy that is becoming increasingly dominated by large and rapidly growing companies, often described as “superstar” firms.[1] Although the most valuable superstar firms are in the technology industry, the group includes hundreds of corporations in other industries that have grown rapidly during globalization.....→


Successful strategies in artificial intelligence have emerged. Will your company survive the climb?    

The situation and capabilities of companies we’ve dealt with vary across a wide spectrum, ranging from a very few at the top tier in strategic competency, to a few more in a fatal tailspin. The vast majority of companies are somewhere in-between, representing the bulk of companies that need help that are also in a position to receive it. The following represent AI strategies that have emerged over the past decade. Some have proven to be much more successful than others.....→


Exponential productivity through optimization of knowledge yield    

AI systems create value by converting human knowledge to digital form that can then be converted to other forms of energy, including kinetic. At the atomic level knowledge created by human intelligence and augmented by machine learning can be viewed and expressed as an extension of relativity discovered by Einstein more than a century ago....→


Why every company needs a new type of operating system enhanced with artificial intelligence    

The Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods represents yet another confirmation of our rapidly changing business environment driven by opportunities at the confluence of technology and network dynamics. Although only the latest in a powerful trend initially impacting in this case the grocery industry, the business and technology issues driving the strategy are relevant to most and serves as a reminder that digital convergence is not confined to traditional thinking or industry lines.. Please keep that in mind while reading......→


A million In prevention can be worth billions of cure with distributed AI systems    

(HumCat product was a 2017 honoree of Innovation New Mexico by the Albuquerque Business Journal)


Every year, natural catastrophes (nat cat) are highly visible events that cause major damage across the world. In 2016 the cost of nat cats were estimated to be $175 billion, $50 billion of which were covered by insurance, reflecting severe financial losses for impacted areas.[i] The total cost of natural catastrophes since 2000 was approximately $2.3 trillion.[ii] Much less understood is that human-caused catastrophes (hum cat) have resulted in much greater economic damage during the same period and have become increasingly preventable.......→


Fear of Artificial Intelligence vs. the Ethics and Art of Creative Destruction    


While it may be an interesting question whether the seasons are changing in artificial intelligence (AI), or to what extent the entertainment industry is herding pop culture, it may not have much to do with future reality. Given recent attention AI has received and the unique potential for misunderstanding, I thought a brief story from the trenches in the Land of Enchantment might shed some light.....(Wired)


Diabetes and the American Healthcare System (Extensive hypothetical scenario)    


George Strasburg is a 64 year old retired scientist living with his wife Cynthia in the southern United States. The couple recently celebrated their 40th anniversary at home, which was attended by several dozen friends and family members from all over the world. Five years ago George was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus (type 2), with a fasting blood glucose level at 153 mg/dL. The diagnosis was not a surprise; members on both sides of his family had died from complications from diabetes, including his father.........→


Knowledge Management and the Role of the Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO))    


Much of the discussion surrounding the emerging field of knowledge management (KM) is like stirring a vat of "jello with a slinky", little firms up. KM concepts seem to float in a jello- like environment without form, density, or direction making it difficult for practitioners to grasp key KM concepts. A common refrain in corporate boardrooms and executive offices in federal agencies is that "I'd be happy to embrace KM if I only knew what it is and how it will help us meet enterprise objectives".....→