K·Yield v. - Yield Management of Knowledge

Distributed AI system with governance, prevention, security, and productivity tailored to each entity.

KYield offers artificial intelligence systems and services. Our flagship product is the KYield OS, which is a distributed AI OS that includes enterprise-wide data governance, embedded security, prevention and enhanced productivity.Data is tailored to each entity automatically with semi-automated administration through a simple natural language interface (AI systems patent, M. Montgomery. “Modular system for optimizing knowledge yield in the digital workplace”. USPTO #8,005,778, 23 August 2011). The data management system within the KYield OS is optimized with data physics for machine learning and security.

Our most recent system is The Synthetic Genius Machine (SGM): The SGM is a patent-pending AI system that combined several technologies in our R&D for over a decade (M. Montgomery “synthetic genius machine and knowledge creation system”, USPTO application 16/547,271, 21 August 2019).

Mark and Betsy Montgomery on Wheeler Peak, NM 2019
Mark and Betsy Montgomery are the majority owners of KYield. Mark is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of KYield, Inc., which was incorporated in 2018 as other investors came on board.  

The Montgomerys relocated to Santa Fe, New Mexico from the Bay area in 2009. Mark was a frequent visitor at the Santa Fe Institute until 2016. Betsy has worked at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum since 2015. They recently bought a home in Rio Rancho, NM.

Mark and Betsy are lifelong mountain lovers who met while working at Mt. Rainier National Park in 1980. They started their first business together in Leavenworth, WA in 1982. This photo was taken on top of Wheeler Peak, NM in 2019.

Recent Press Releases

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The patent-pending system is titled 'Synthetic Genius Machine and Knowledge Creation System'

Vice-Admiral James P. "Phil" Wisecup (Ret.) Appointed to Kyield Board of Directors

VADM Wisecup joins Dr. Robert Neilson who serves as special advisor to Founder Mark Montgomery

Older Press Releases

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Kyield Founder Issued Key Artificial Intelligence Patent For Data Optimization in the Digital Workplace

IP is Core of Semantic Enterprise OS to Improve Human Performance, Business Intelligence, and Analytics

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Mark Montgomery at USD CS Conference
Mark Montgomery KYield at ExperienceIT NM 2019

IEEE Rising Stars Conference, 2020

University of South Dakota, 2020

ExperienceIT NM, 2019



Mark Montgomery, Founder, Chairman and CEO, KYield, Inc. (bio)

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