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Inventor of the enterprise AI OS (KOS): Embedded governance, learning, prevention, security, and productivity.

The KOS is KYield's flagship AI system. Based on twenty-six years of R&D, the KOS is an enterprise-wide, organizational operating system augmented with AI, or in abbreviated form an EAI OS. The precision data management system in the KOS is critical, which enables all the functionality, accuracy and security.

The KOS includes strong governance, security, prevention of crises, personalized learning, and enhanced productivity, all in a single, cohesive, efficient, low-risk system. DANA (Digital Assistant with Neuroanatomical Analytics) is included in the KOS for every employee in the organization, which can be extended to contractors, partners, and consumers. 

For more information please see the executive briefing paper and video below. 

Download our new executive brief titled: What is an EAI OS? And why they are becoming essential

Table of Contents 



Different Types of EAI OS 

Complex Adaptive Organizational System (CAOS)

EAI OS Architecture

Security | Differentiation | Sovereignty

Continuously Adaptive Learning Organization (CALO)

Discussion & Conclusion 


See video below for a recorded talk by Mark Montgomery on the executive briefing paper, EAI OS, and our KOS.