K·Yield v. - Yield Management of Knowledge

Distributed AI system with governance, prevention, security, and productivity tailored to each entity.

Introduction from our Founder and CEO

KYield founder & CEO Mark Montgomery

We’ve come a long way since I first conceived KYield in 1997. In 2020, we are still leading the way with integrity. Although the technology has surpassed expectations, very few organizations are applying it optimally. Each major crisis since has reinforced the need for our systems. For example, although artificial intelligence (AI) is applied in the current COVID-19 pandemic for filtering patients at hospitals and to accelerate vaccines, calls for a functional early warning system to prevent pandemics have been ignored for many years. 

Whether in the public or private sector, proactively embracing evidence-based systems is a must. Our flagship product, the KYield OS, is a universal system that provides governance, security, prevention, and enhanced productivity tailored to each entity. The laws of physics require such a precision system to be installed before essential functions can be run efficiently on a continuous basis. It simply can’t be done otherwise. The pay-off from the KYield OS can include a combination of double-digit productivity increases, acceleration of breakthroughs, and/or prevention of crises, ranging from minor everyday events to existential or systemic risks. Data ownership and control remains with the customer. The KYield OS represents the new higher bar. 

Until recently, consulting firms were advising clients to start slow with AI in small machine learning projects, learn as they go, and then expand gradually. That advice has been proven wrong. A small group of companies went bold in AI systems, resulting in a rapidly expanding competitive gap between their companies and competitors, increasingly including their customers. The option of building custom AI systems is prohibitively expensive, highly redundant, and over two decades behind. System design is critically important for cost efficiency and effectiveness. We were self-funded and free from incumbent conflicts or short-term investor interests, resulting in a powerful, unique system. Waiting for commoditized big tech is self-destructive as it provides increased costs without a competitive advantage. 

Our newest invention is the synthetic genius machine (SGM), which is based on modeling the most powerful supercomputers to date in the form of the proven human geniuses. The system captures genius features from published works and then converts to our proprietary language for compression and encryption before synthesizing for proactive or reactive queries. Synthetic geniuses can include the great scientists, physicians, generals, CEOs, entrepreneurs, engineers, artists, or the everyday genius moments found in all organizations, though are rarely captured. The system can be targeted towards a single specialty within a discipline or across disciplines. I believe the SGM provides the shortest path to super intelligence for defined purposes. The SGM and KYield OS can be installed independently or together, and can be integrated with leading tech stacks. 

In September of 2019 I presented our work for the first time at the ExperienceITNM conference. The title of the talk was ‘Metamorphic Transformation with Enterprise-wide Artificial Intelligence’. We hired a local firm to record the presentation (below), which is a good way to learn more about our AI systems R&D. We also offer personal conferences for senior management and boards tailored to their organization. If your team would like to set up a presentation, conference, or webinar, please send me an email (markm@kyield.com). 


Mark Montgomery