K·Yield v. - Yield Management of Knowledge

Distributed AI system with governance, prevention, security, and productivity tailored to each entity.

KYield 2020: Metamorphic Transformation with Enterprise-wide AI Systems

Download our updated brochure for 2020 to learn how powerful and affordable KYield's AI systems can be for your organization. We now offer two AI systems, which can be installed individually or together:

1. The KYield OS provides a complete end-to-end AI system for the enterprise or network, including data governance, enhanced productivity, proprietary security, and prevention. The KYield OS is tailored to each entity with simple to use natural language administration. The individual modules are transparent, worthy of trust, and require no training. 

2. Our newest invention, the Synthetic Genius Machine (SGM-patent-pending). The SGM combines multiple technologies from KYield’s extensive R&D, including multi-agent search, knowledge extraction, data physics, modeling, symbolic representation, neural networks, deep learning, and quantum computing. We believe the SGM provides the shortest path to superintelligence for defined purposes. 

KYield Brochure 2020: Metamorphic Transformation with Enterprise-wide AI Systems