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Tailored prevention, security, productivity and continuous improvement

Kyield Systems

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  • Certification 

  • Advanced Analytics

  • Ontology Prep

  • Systemic Innovation 

  • Algorithms & Modeling 

  • Performance Systems 

  • Crisis Prevention 

  • Accelerated Discovery

  • Interoperability

  • IT Consolidation

Board of Directors Advisory

While we've attempted to develop the most optimal system in our two decades of R&D, Kyield's leadership has extensive experience beyond Kyield technology in advising senior-most leaders in business and government.

  • Strategic Development
  • Accelerate Innovation
  • Business Modeling
  • Sustainable Economics
  • Governance Systems
  • Risk Management

Transformation to Sustainability 

Through Intelligent Systems

Digital convergence and consolidation of value through technology represents the most significant change occurring at the fastest pace in the human experience. Few if any organizations were designed from inception to optimize the neural network environment, which is expanding rapidly and now estimated to represent half of the global economy. 

Our three decades of related experience and two decades of R&D has resulted in what we believe is the first strategic enterprise system containing the essential ingredients for organizations to achieve a sustainable advantage, which requires transformation to a CALO (Continuously Adaptive Learning Organization). Kyield provides consulting services and solutions surrounding our system at the confluence of human and artificial intelligence.