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Adaptive Unification


Life Science 


In this exclusive report life science leaders learn how Kyield can overcome some of their greatest challenges in one unified system. Kyield taps artificial intelligence that tailors adaptive data management to each knowledge worker and entity with advanced analytics to provide continuous optimization embedded in distributed work environments, resulting in significant improved productivity in every function across the enterprise. Please contact us to request our special report and learn why Kyield's breakthrough system represents what may be among the best investment options in the world today for life science companies.


Holistic System for Life Sciences and Healthcare

By applying a holistic systems approach to organizational systems in life sciences, we are able to untap potential with deeper semantic intelligence and advanced analytics on relationships between entities, enabling higher quality data while reducing barriers to human innovation.

Our open platform provides easy plug-in of advanced analytics and predictive algorithms that can assist greatly with evidenced-based decision making, productivity, and expedited discovery.

Kyield articles and papers:

Unified Network Operating System
With Adaptive Data Management Tailored to Each Entity
Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, and Life Sciences

Kyield is a massively scalable distributed operating system (OS) tasked to provide optimal yield of executable knowledge across large enterprise networks, with adaptive data management tailored to each entity, and predictive analytics streamed on a continuous basis. Kyield acts as the automated brains for neural networks (NN) with semi-automated control modules that augment human work with artificial intelligence. In this paper, I demonstrate how Kyield is poised to provide critical technology for optimizing NNs across the life science and healthcare ecosystems. 

Mark Montgomery 
Founder and CEO
Santa Fe, NM 
markm at kyield dot com