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Mark Montgomery, Founder & CEO, Kyield

Mark Montgomery is the founder and CEO of Kyield, originator of the theorem ‘yield management of knowledge’, and inventor of the now patented AI system that serves as the foundation for Kyield: ‘Modular System for Optimizing Knowledge Yield in the Digital Workplace’, issued August 23, 2011. Mr. Montgomery was formerly an entrepreneur-turned business consultant who founded an early stage venture firm and pioneering knowledge systems lab that created and operated several ventures. He has worked with many leading scholars and universities, including Thunderbird School of Global Management where he received certification as a global business leader and has been a frequent guest at the Santa Fe Institute. His articles have been published in books, journals, Wired, and Computerworld. He can be reached at markm at kyield dot com and can be contacted or followed at his Blog, Cognitive WorldTwitter,  LinkedIn, or YouTube