k·yield v. - Yield Management of Knowledge

Inspired by Nature. Managed by Humans. Assisted by AI.

The Kyield operating system provides precision network management at the confluence of human and machine intelligence. The patented artificial intelligence system core is fully adaptive and tailored to the unique profiles of each entity with a simple to use interface. By applying advanced algorithmics, the Kyield OS can filter data at scale far beyond the ability of humans, enhance data integrity, improve productivity and provide rapid continuous learning for each individual, team, business unit and organization. .

The system and intellectual property are the result of empirical research originating during the 1990s in our live incubator and lab where we began working towards answering the question: what would be required to achieve yield management of knowledge in the globally networked, human-computer environment? 

The ensuing hypothesis argued that multiple obstacles in IT could best be overcome by employing a new modular architecture consisting of structured (aka 'semantic') data managed by an analytics engine (CKO) with an adaptable natural language interface that tailors quality and quantity of information consumption to the specific needs of each individual, group, and organization, thus achieving knowledge yield. During the past few years the final pieces of this complex puzzle have finally come together to execute the Kyield OS in near real-time. In 2012 Kyield entered the pilot phase with leading organizations. Learn more Kyield's history here or contact us directly.

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