K·Yield v. - Yield Management of Knowledge

Distributed AI system with governance, prevention, security, and productivity tailored to each entity.


KYield, Inc. offers systems and services surrounding the KYield OS that are based on a new theorem Mark Montgomery developed in 1990s "yield management of knowledge", which is substantially covered by an AI system patent issued in 2011: ‘Modular System for Optimizing Knowledge Yield in the Digital Workplace’. The standard modular KYield OS provides several critical functions across distributed networks, including governance, proprietary security, prevention of crisis, enhanced productivity, and continuous improvement.

KYield offers multiple products and systems, including:

  • The standard KYield OS: Universal to any type of organization, the KYield OS is focused on significantly improved productivity at higher security resulting in a CALO (Continuously Adaptive Learning Organization). By augmenting knowledge work with AI systems tailored to each individual, customers rapidly begin to work in a manner that is competitive to any.
  • KYield Healthcare Platform: While still premature when we published our use case scenario on diabetes in 2010, which has since been downloaded by millions people from most heatlhcare institutions and companies, the healthcare platform is designed to optimize preventative care in a patient-centric manner. Ideal for self-insured employer paid healthcare, we are seeing renewed interest from governments and insurers due to realization that much more efficient systems are needed.
  • HumCat: Prevention of human-caused catastrophes. This new product first revealed in early 2017 has long-been under R&D. By bundling the KYield OS prevention with insurance in separate components customers can achieve a very compelling financial incentive. The HumCat product is offered under a highly attractive cost-plus performance model that provides the potential for customers to realize the highest return on investment possible in any known system upon preventing a major human-caused catastrophe.  
  • 'Synthetic Genius Machine and Knowledge Creation System'. This new patent-pending system (August, 2019) captures the work products of proven masters throughout history. The system then synthesizes into genius components, or features, which are matched to specific queries to accelerate R&D or solve difficult challenges. We believe that focusing on proven masters and the human brain, which is still the most efficient and powerful supercomputer to date, is the most direct path to limited super intelligence with current technologies. The system technology also includes a proprietary language that converts data to symbolic representation of genius features, which provides a dual purpose: encrypted genius features and significant data compression. The result is higher efficiency and reduction of financial, computing and energy costs. 

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