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Tailored to each entity for prevention, productivity and continuous improvement

Kyield OS

The Kyield operating system provides optimal network management at the confluence of human and machine intelligence. The patented artificial intelligence system core is fully adaptive and tailored to the unique profiles of each entity with a simple natural language interface. The Kyield OS manages data at a scale far beyond the ability of humans alone, enhances data integrity, prevents crises, improves productivity and provides rapid continuous learning for each individual, team, business unit and organization.


Why go to the Moon when what your company really needs is in the Rockies

This post is in response to an excellent article Tom Davenport wrote for the WSJ (now on LinkedIn) ‘Lessons from the Cognitive Front Lines: Early Adopters of IBM’s Watson’. Tom is long-term advocate for increasing jobs related to analytics, particularly in the service sector, and is an advisor to Deloitte, which is a strong alliance partner with IBM, and Deloitte is a sponsor of WSJ CIO. Like most in our industry, we are in constant discussions, but as of now Kyield has no formal alliances or conflicts........→


Plausible Scenarios For AI in Preventing Catastrophes

Given consistent empirical evidence demonstrating that the raising of red flags has resulted in a lower probability of essential actors heeding warnings than causing of unintended consequences, those endowed with a public platform carry a special responsibility, as do system architects.....→


Fear of Artificial Intelligence vs. the Ethics and Art of Creative Destruction

(Mark Montgomery at Wired)

The topic of AI recently came up at Santa Fe Institute (SFI) during a seminar by Hamid Benbrahim surrounding research in financial markets. Several senior scientists chimed in during Hamid’s talk representing computer science (CS), physics (2), neuroscience, biology, and philosophy, as well as several practioners with relevant experience.....→

Senior Consultants

Kyield is seeking independent contractors with significant experience at the confluence of advanced technology, business management, consulting and operations. Previous experience with either highly reputable independent firms or leading constants is preferred (McKinsey, BCG, Big Four, IBM, etc.). For more information...->


Why the U.S. Must Lead the World with Intelligent Infrastructure

The focus should be maximize benefits from our inventions, engineered systems and technologies to recreate a sustainable competitive advantage. One benefit of lagging behind other countries in infrastructure is that much progress has been made in recent years. Future projects can be embedded with hardware that enable intelligent networks, which can then be managed with distributed operating systems enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI) to meet the diverse needs of our society......→