k·yield v. - Yield Management of Knowledge

Tailored prevention, security, productivity and continuous improvement

Founder & CEO Mark Montgomery

Why Every Company Needs a New Type of Operating System Enhanced with Artificial Intelligence    

The Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods represents yet another confirmation of our rapidly changing business environment driven by opportunities at the confluence of technology and network dynamics. Although only the latest in a powerful trend initially impacting in this case the grocery industry, the business and technology issues driving the strategy are relevant to most and serves as a reminder that digital convergence is not confined to traditional thinking or industry lines.. Please keep that in mind while reading......→

Kyield OS Diagram: Continuously Adaptive Learning Organization (CALO)

Kyield OS 

The Kyield operating system is based on the theorem ‘yield management of knowledge’ developed by Kyield’s founder two decades ago this year in his KS/AI lab. The Kyield OS provides optimal network management at the confluence of human and machine intelligence. The patented AI system core is fully adaptive and tailored to the unique profiles of each entity with a simple natural language interface. 

Among many benefits offered by the Kyield OS include data structuring and management at a scale far beyond the ability of humans alone, enhanced data integrity, crises prevention, improved productivity and continuous learning for each individual, team, business unit and organization. Data control remains with customers unless required by regulatory or per agreement for specific purposes.

Dashboard example: Kyield OS individual module