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Why Every Company Needs a New Type of Operating System Enhanced with Artificial Intelligence    


The Amazon acquisition of Whole Foods represents yet another confirmation of our rapidly changing business environment driven by opportunities at the confluence of technology and network dynamics. Although only the latest in a powerful trend initially impacting in this case the grocery industry, the business and technology issues driving the strategy are relevant to most and serves as a reminder that digital convergence is not confined to traditional thinking or industry lines.. Please keep that in mind while reading.. ........→


An Open Letter to Fortune 500 CEOs on AI Systems from Kyield's Founder    


Since we offer an organizational and network operating system—technically defined as a modular artificial intelligence system, we usually deal with the most important strategic and operational issues facing organizations. This is most obvious in our new HumCat offering, which provides advanced technology for the prevention of human-caused catastrophes. Short of preventing an asteroid or comet collision with earth, this is among the most important work that is executable today. Please keep that in mind while reading.. ........→


E-book: Ascension to a Higher Level of Performance

It became apparent that these and other critical issues were inseparably connected within the rapidly expanding network environment, requiring a holistic solution of engineered components with granular detail designed in such a way that the whole system would provide significantly more function and value than the sum of the parts. To achieve the desired outcomes, the system would need to consist of a thin layer of governance with deep intelligence, be substantially automated, continuously adaptive, tailored to each entity and highly scalable. To achieve the desired outcomes, the system would need to consist of a thin layer of governance with deep intelligence, be substantially automated, continuously adaptive, tailored to each entity and highly scalable. ....→


Why the U.S. Must Lead the World with Intelligent Infrastructure

The focus should be maximize benefits from our inventions, engineered systems and technologies to recreate a sustainable competitive advantage. One benefit of lagging behind other countries in infrastructure is that much progress has been made in recent years. Future projects can be embedded with hardware that enable intelligent networks, which can then be managed with distributed operating systems enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI) to meet the diverse needs of our society......→

Kyield OS 

The Kyield operating system provides optimal network management at the confluence of human and machine intelligence. The patented artificial intelligence system core is fully adaptive and tailored to the unique profiles of each entity with a simple natural language interface. The Kyield OS manages data at a scale far beyond the ability of humans alone, enhances data integrity, prevents crises, improves productivity and provides rapid continuous learning for each individual, team, business unit and organization.


A Million in Prevention can be Worth Billions of Cure with Distributed AI Systems    By Mark Montgomery 

Every year, natural catastrophes (nat cat) are highly visible events that cause major damage across the world. In 2016 the cost of nat cats were estimated to be $175 billion, $50 billion of which were covered by insurance, reflecting severe financial losses for impacted areas.[i] The total cost of natural catastrophes since 2000 was approximately $2.3 trillion.[ii] Much less understood is that human-caused catastrophes (hum cat) have resulted in much greater economic damage during the same period and have become increasingly preventable. ........→


Plausible Scenarios For AI in Preventing Catastrophes

Given consistent empirical evidence demonstrating that the raising of red flags has resulted in a lower probability of essential actors heeding warnings than causing of unintended consequences, those endowed with a public platform carry a special responsibility, as do system architects.....→


Fear of Artificial Intelligence vs. the Ethics and Art of Creative Destruction

While it may be an interesting question whether the seasons are changing in artificial intelligence (AI), or to what extent the entertainment industry is herding pop culture, it may not have much to do with future reality. Given recent attention AI has received and the unique potential for misunderstanding, I thought a brief story from the trenches in the Land of Enchantment might shed some light. Feature at Wired...->


Senior Consultants

Kyield is seeking independent contractors with significant experience at the confluence of advanced technology, business management, consulting and operations. Previous experience with either highly reputable independent firms or leading constants is preferred (McKinsey, BCG, Big Four, IBM, etc.). For more information...->